I’m here to answer that age-old question: who the f*ck is this guy?

Photo by my wife — yeap, that’s me.

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my profile, I’m Fernando.

I’m a writer originally from Uruguay but now living with my family in Spain. I’ve been writing about software development since I was 15 years old, in one way or another I always kept a blog somewhere (the first one…

There are several big ones, so I’ll let you be the judge

Surprised child
Photo by Nathan Bingle on Unsplash.

Open source is one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever encountered in our industry. It is a movement that essentially groups people together to work on a product because they want to. They usually do it for free, especially during the first stages of the project, and then —…

I tried to live as a freelancer. This is why I failed at it.

Photo: nikko macaspac/Unsplash

The dream of being your own boss is one that almost everyone goes through at some point during their career. For some strange reason, we tend to believe we can do away with concepts such as “boss,” “9 to 5,” or “team meetings” and just sit down, put our head…

Top 5 mistakes you’re most likely making — the last one was a surprise to me too!

Writing TypeScript code feels great because you’re protected by the compiler. Every time you transpile the code, it gets checked for any and all potential mistakes you’ve made. It’s literally making you a better developer by helping you avoid simple bugs. That’s amazing!

However, if you’re not careful enough, you…

What’s the point?

People relaxing and coding
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This is a very common feeling. We have it during high school when we’re learning about philosophy or the biology of the fly or even trigonometry while we’re daydreaming about working for Google or Facebook.

“I don’t need to know this; I’m never going to use it. What’s the point?”…

Client-server communication is so 1990, get with the times!

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

Are you tired of sending a request and waiting for the response to come (if at all)? Because I am.

The classic client-server paradigm when it comes to web applications is no longer the best alternative, not if your application is complex enough. Don’t get me wrong, a classic REST…

It’s been well over a year already, what have they been up to?

Photo by Amy Baugess on Unsplash

Back in May 2020, I wrote an introductory article to Deno due to it having been officially released and available to the public.

I later went on to write a full book about Deno as well. I liked Deno and all the freshness it brought to the Node.js-ruled table. …

With some learning included!

Original Photo by Ivan Lapyrin on Unsplash, edits by Author

Who hasn’t been through one of those terrible scary stories in the past, one of those that really shook their souls so much that they still feel that cold shivering down their spine whenever they think about it?

In other words, we’ve all seen terrible code, and at the time…

It’s not all about speed you know?

Original Photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash, edits by Author

Recently Tom Kuegler release an article with his own advice on why writing 1000 words should take you between 1 and 3 hours.

I’d like to respectfully disagree here.

I think that advice is giving writers — especially new ones — the wrong idea of what they should be aiming…

It’s never too soon to get started crafting your versioning strategy

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Often when developing our APIs, we tend to ignore versioning because we’re literally building the first-ever version of our service. We can worry about versioning in the future, right?


Four months down the road we realize we need a new version of our API and suddenly a million questions…

Fernando Doglio

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