I’m here to answer that age-old question: who the f*ck is this guy?

Photo by my wife — yeap, that’s me.
  • Software engineering and programming in general. This is what I do from 9 am to 6pm, and this has been my job for the past 18 years.
  • Freelancing and what…

There are several big ones, so I’ll let you be the judge

Surprised child
Surprised child
Photo by Nathan Bingle on Unsplash.

I tried to live as a freelancer. This is why I failed at it.

Photo: nikko macaspac/Unsplash

Add a little of Markdown, sprinkle a little of MDX and you have the perfect recipe

Image by Szilárd Szabó from Pixabay

The structure of a good ReadMe file

Are you properly handling the stress in your dev life right now?

Playing game: One male (labeled “dev burnout”) blocking the other male (labeled “you”)
Playing game: One male (labeled “dev burnout”) blocking the other male (labeled “you”)
Image created by the author — Original Photo by Philippa Rose-Tite on Unsplash

Using Bit Harmony to share and collaborate on development environments


5 metrics you need to understand how your UI is performing

Why I love these design patterns

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

How I created my own pre-configured Node development environment to standardize the development of Node modules across decoupled projects

  • A standard tsconfig.json file.
  • A standard linter file.
  • A standard…

The age-old question for all new writers, or is it?

Photo by Jeff Stapleton from Pexels

Why are you writing in the first place?

Fernando Doglio

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