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I'm a Medium Top writer, at least whenever I get a lucky article that does well. Usually that happens within the Technology tag, but I've been known to get it for Entrepenourship and Freelancing as well.

I write about technology, lifestyle, personal business and more.

I have over 20 years of experience working as part of the IT industry with plenty of technologies and roles.

In the process I've written 8 books about JavaScript, Node.js and Deno, and I'm currently working on my last one about the Journey of a Successful Software Engineer with Manning. And over 200+ articles here on Medium over the last few years.

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And if you still want to know more, check out this story I wrote about myself before profiles could hold so much content.

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I write about technology, freelancing and more. Check out my FREE newsletter if you’re into Software Development: https://fernandodoglio.substack.com/