I’m here to answer that age-old question: who the f*ck is this guy?

Photo by my wife — yeap, that’s me.
  • Software engineering and programming in general. This is what I do from 9 am to 6pm, and this has been my job for the past 18 years.
  • Freelancing and what…

There are several big ones, so I’ll let you be the judge

Surprised child
Surprised child
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I tried to live as a freelancer. This is why I failed at it.

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Become a writer for StackAcademy

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What we’re looking for

  • How-tos. We love how-to’s, just make sure they’re not the ever-present “how to make a to-do app with X”, those have been covered to death. Send us something interesting and we’ll publish it.
  • Opinion pieces. We have a place for them, if you have a strong…

You can avoid the switch statement, as TypeScript has its own versions

Man looking inside vending machine
Man looking inside vending machine
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Are you ready for what’s coming?

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It’s all about being ready

Male talking to female.
Male talking to female.
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If you hear one of these, it’s perfectly fine to say “no”

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The latest open source tool you need for your development workflow

Work meeting
Work meeting
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Fernando Doglio

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